Juab High School Students Now Selling Poinsettias

This school year, students in floriculture classes have been growing poinsettias in the school greenhouse. Every week, they have taken the time to water and care for the plants. Now, it’s time for the school to sell these poinsettias. The poinsettias may sell fast. If you want to buy one you’ll need to hurry.


  • The price for normal sized poinsettias is $15.          
  • The price for Small poinsettias is $10.                   

What variety of poinsettias are we selling?

  • Poinsettias being sold will either be normal sized or small sized. The colors available are Red, White, and Marble (only available in small size)

  You can pick up your poinsettia(s) in the main office or Mr.Burton’s classroom after school.
  If you would like to purchase a poinsettia or have any questions please contact Mr.Burton at Jonathan.burton@juabsd.org.

Normal sized white poinsettia on the left. Regular sized red poinsettia on the right.