Mysterious Music in the Hallways

Contributing author: Rebecca Marchant

In the halls of Juab High School you might have noticed that there is music playing throughout the day. Jennifer Christensen, who works in the office, has decided to play the music to make the students’ day more fun and exciting. She sees students dancing and singing throughout the halls. 

The music plays after the first release bell and stops after the first in class bell. The music plays for about 4 ½ minutes. It does not play for the late bell. The music also doesn’t play for 4th hour because other classes are in session. 

The volume depends on how the office can hear the music. It only plays in the hallways, outside, and in the vocational building. It doesn’t play in the classrooms or the office so they have to measure the music in the hallways. 

Jennifer plays the music off of her computer through the intercoms. She also wants to do theme days where one day it’s Disney and the next it’s 80’s music. The office is taking music suggestions, either email Jennifer or you can write a ballad and turn it in. During December she wants to play Christmas music.