Is music a distraction or helpful to teens finishing homework?

Many people wonder if students listening to music is a distraction or helps get homework done. Music is very important to teens because it gives them something to listen to and helps with positive brain wave activities. 

    Many teens do really well listening to music while doing homework. This is because it helps keep them focused and concentrate better on what they’re working on. Listening to music during class also helps because the teen will have something else going on then listening to the teacher go on and on about their lesson. 

    Music doesn’t just keep students focused and concentrated for longer amounts of time it can also help improve mood and give more motivation. Music also aids with endurance, keeps students busy for longer amounts of time and keeps good thoughts flowing. “I listen to music because it helps me concentrate on my homework and not on what’s going on around me.” quotes Eden Powers. 

    Students who don’t listen to music can be in a bad mood or have a hard time focusing. Some students also check the time more seeing when class gets over and this raises anxiety and stress levels. 

    ADHD students can multitask when listening to music because it tunes out what’s going on around the students. Music is a very powerful tool to help students stay focused, concentrate, tune out distractions, and have an overall better mood.