The Legend Of The Last Clone

Gareth Allred is the creator of this outstanding stop motion lego video. We talked to him about his video that he was eager to share. He was more than happy to discuss the video with us. He took around 114 pictures to make this short film. He had said that it took him roughly around an hour to produce on Stop Motion Studios, which is the program he used to create this.

He drew inspiration from some stop motion YouTube videos and decided that he wanted to give it a try. He is a fan of Star Wars and has a very large collection of legos. Gareth started doing stop motion films around his freshman year, 2018. It has been a hobby for him ever since and he said that he’s improved significantly since freshman year.

Gareth says he doesn’t have any current plans of trying to take his talent and make it into a career but he’s not against it. I don’t know how anyone else feels but I personally can’t wait till the day that the name Gareth Allred is widely know as a master of stop motion films.

You can watch his amazing video here