Bowling Alley to “Spare” Juab Teens From Boredom

As any citizen of Juab may know, there is not a lot to do here. Being a teenager in Mona, Nephi, or Levan means a life filled with boredom. As small town teenagers, JHS student’s most exhilarating activities include driving around town or purchasing a drink from Conoco for the 15th time this week. I mean, I guess there is also the movie theater, but honestly who goes to the movie theater? The only hope a Juab teenager has for true entertainment is to escape to the mystical “up north” to partake in wholesome youth activities. 

However, in breaking news, a private company has made plans to build a bowling alley in Nephi. With the construction of the “Chapel View” estates and various other subdivisions, investors see great potential for recreational activities as Juab’s population grows.  

The Juab Clarion had the exclusive opportunity to interview B.A. Striker, who is spearheading the bowling alley project. Striker said, “We are hoping to break ground in July of 2021, and are projecting to be finished by March of 2022. We really think this will help improve the community as a whole and add diversity to the opportunities available in Nephi. There is really no entertainment available in Juab County, so it is our goal to fulfil that need. I mean, I guess there’s a movie theater, but who goes to the movie theater?” 

Mr. Striker went on to explain the layout of the bowling alley. “We will have ten lanes open for bowling. After conducting a random assessment of the bowling abilities of community members, we have decided that the lanes will not have gutters, only kiddy bumpers. This seems to be fitting for the skill level in the area. The bowling alley will also include a laser tag course and cotton candy bar.”

We here at Juab are incredibly excited to learn of the construction of this bowling alley. While there is still a long way to go until construction is complete, or even started for that matter, we look forward to finally having something to do. And in the meantime, I suppose we can try going to the movie theater.