Difference Between Public and Charter Schools

You might think there aren’t that many differences between public and charter schools but I know from personal experience there is. I went to a charter school named AeA and everything is so different from public school. 

    At AeA everything is online, even the teachers! The class time is 30 min. Time where the teacher goes over their little lesson and the class is over. Public school has the teachers in the classroom and ready for any questions. 

    AeA is way smaller than public school is, there were 10 students in the Nephi campus. While public schools have more students and more extra curricular activities than AeA does. 

          Another difference between AeA and public school is uniforms. In public school you can wear whatever clothes you want, there is still a dress code but not as strict as AeA. AeA had uniforms of polo collared shirts and pants or skirts, of certain colors. 

         Public schools also have different classrooms for classes. They also have different hours for classes. AeA is all online so you work on whatever class you want to work on. This is good and bad, it’s good because you can work on the classes you aren’t doing so well in but you can also avoid certain classes. 

          The hardest thing for me with everything online is that the teachers weren’t there in the classroom to help. You have to email your teacher instead of raising your hand and getting help in the classroom. In conclusion, there are differences between AeA and public schools.