The Hive; Juabs Newest Edition

 The Hive will be something new that everyone in Juab can agree on will be more beneficial for our community that everyone will love. The Hive will be an 80,500 square feet filled with educational and sport purposes. 

The highschool has been in deep need of more classrooms. The hive will have three dedicated rooms. But, it will make it possible to make old non classroom rooms be turned into classrooms. Not only will it be beneficial in having learning rooms but having more room for recreational activities. It will be adding a wrestling room, and a weight room. It’s important for kids and students to have an area for recreational activities to help better themselves. 

Having the hive will give us more opportunities to host more events at Juab High School. With being able to host more events here it can help more people from all over the state come and help grow our community more.  

The hive will be an important part of Juab that we have needed for quite some time. It will help Juab in so many different ways.