Boys Golf for the Region Win!

Golf has been around since the 15th century, a fun sport that involves individuals and a team. So, how is the Juab team doing this year? The year started off a little rocky, but we had potential and pulled through. We went to Region in Toole against Union. 

It was quite the game with us squeezing out the win. We won by 2 points! We were neck and neck the whole time. They definitely kept us on our toes! Everyone got up and took their turns, but in the end it was 2 points that made the difference. 

Everyone did amazing, but the person who won the singles matches goes to our school! If you see Jalal Khan, tell him congratulations! He won the overall individual rounds by 3 points! He was the number one medalist! He went out there and played with his heart, and it sure paid off! 

Now that we have conquered Region, what’s next? State, of course! This year’s State tournament is in Toole! The boys golf team will do great, but how do they feel about it? We asked the individuals champion himself, Jalal Khan! This is what he had to say, “It was a bit rocky in the beginning, but we definitely have potential. We have a good chance, we just gotta play good.” 

We are nearing the end of a great golf season! Buckle up and grab your popcorn because State golf, here we come!!

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