September 11th Art Memorial

    September eleventh, two words that can make people think one of a thousand things in an instant, be it the people who died, the time it took to recover from the attack, or how it affected our country for years to come. September eleventh has been engraved in our minds, and for good reason. It reminds us of the importance of security, and knowing what to do when things get bad. It also shows us the strength of coming together, and how important it is to band together, and when we focus towards one goal. We as humans can do incredible things.

     To commemorate this, our school’s advanced art classes put out a display every year for the anniversary of September eleventh. One of the several, well curated pieces, was done by Tessa Astle. This piece is a drawing of a skeletal figure wrapped in black with a quote stating “Even the reaper wept.” Tessa said she chose this quote after watching a short video on the matter, stating everyone on the highest floors died instantly. Her piece puts into perspective how horrible the attack on September eleventh was.

Author: Garrett Etherington