Wanna get Fancy? Here’s an Idea

Traditions are great, especially among friends. Anything from taping a friend up at their wedding to getting them an ice cream if you get into a little spat, they’re all great in their own way. In early 2019, a couple sophomores came up with their own tradition. It’s a pretty good one if I say so myself. 

Fancy AF ( Fancy A-day Fridays ), it speaks for itself. Bottom line: Every A-day Friday you get a little fancy. You could wear a nice Sunday shirt, or even a full suit or gown. It’s up to you! Fancy AF almost kicked off in 2020 and more kids started to get involved. However, this little illness came around and took away the spirit to do it. 

It’s a day to show the school how good you look in nice clothes, and you can even show that girl you’ve been eyeing that you can clean up nice. It’s something to spice up the school and make it a fun year. It would be great to see it happen before I have to say goodbye. Fancy AF was a fun little tradition among friends, now we hope it’ll be a school tradition.