Artist of the Month: Evelyn Roundy

Evelyn Roundy is the Outstanding Artist of the Month

When it comes to art I love to experiment with different mediums. I’ve always loved to see things through different perspectives to come up with creative arrangements. Portraiture is one of my favorite things to create because I love how beautifully diverse individuals are, and I enjoy learning how to capture and embrace the likeness and uniqueness of each individual. I love how brush, pencil, pastel, and charcoal strokes can be arranged in ways that appear so realistic. Learning the different ways new mediums behave in order to create many different subjects in my art feels amazing. I love finding and taking photographs to help me create art similar to what I envision in my imagination. Creating art with personal meaning helps me to express my emotions and passions in ways that others can relate to. I want to have a positive impact and inspire others especially in a world where negativity thrives. 

See photos below: