Tom Holland Coming to Juab High for his Real Life High School Experience

Every MCU fan is extremely excited about the new student that will be enrolling at Juab High school at the end of April. It’s the one and only Tom Holland. 

Marvel producers announced in February that the third Spider-Man movie, starring Tom Holland, will be called “Spider-Man No Way Home” and will still be taking place at the Midtown School of Science and Technology once again.

The director of No Way Home, Jon Watts, has been having concerns about Tom Holland’s acting as a high school student. Jon claims that it’s not believable because Tom never had a real high school experience. 

In preparation for “Spider-Man Homecoming,” Jon tried sending Tom to The Bronx High School of Science in New York since it is the closest they could get to the fictional science school that Peter Parker attends. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. Tom Holland almost blew his cover on the first day and didn’t have the experience that they had anticipated.

With high expectations for the third movie, Jon and Tom have to make sure there is quality acting and they need to pass Peter Parker as a real high school student. So this time around they won’t be making the same mistake as last time by sending Tom to a fancy, big, hard to get into school. So they thought they would try sending him to a small, lesser known school; AKA, Juab High School.

Last time, Tom Holland took on a fake identity. The only people who knew his real name was his teachers, the principal, and a student who was kind enough to let Tom shadow him and borrow his school schedule. This time they are doing it a little different. SinceTom Holland is very well known now, it would make it very difficult to disguise him. So this time they aren’t giving him any kind of fake identity, they are just asking us to let him blend in and treat him like an average high school student.

Please refrain from any kind of fan-girling, but make sure to help Tom feel welcome when he starts at Juab High School at the end of April.