What it’s like in Journalism

Ever heard of the Clarion? Well here you are! Juab high school students can enter journalism class for a full year, where you are in charge of Juab High School newspaper. This class can help students get out of their shell and do interviews with other students for events going on/or happening around the school. 

Journalism is a really fun class, you can meet new people and work on articles with people. Journalism can also get you more involved with your own school and know what’s going on around the school. Hugo is also a part of the journalism club where you can ask questions and get advice, but Hugo might be changing a little bit so stay tuned.

Once every month, you get assigned an article to write about, this could range from talking to students about dances, sports, talking to seniors about their ideas for after high school, and keeping up with fun things happening around the school.  Many students can be part of the sports team, covering all the wins and losses over the school year for different sports interviewing with sport players and getting their input. You can also just write about something that you think your fellow students would be interested in reading.  Also writing about fun events like dances, activities at lunch, what the seniors are going to be up to, etc.  

I encourage trying out Journalism as an English credit next year, it can be fun and can break you out of your box.