How can you show your school spirit?

   We can’t go to basketball games, and pending on new restrictions, we may not be able to do a whole lot else. 

We all know the effect of these restrictions on students, but one of them is a definite loss of school spirit.

Let’s address how to show our school spirit in times of uncertainty when we can’t go to the games and see the basketball team, drill, or cheer teams perform.

  1. Rep some school gear, especially on game days

Showing your school spirit can be as simple as the way you dress. Before the semester ends, cheer on our winter events by repping some school gear and showing your wasp pride. Every bit of support helps our school to achieve higher.

  1. Cheer on members of the Drill Team, Basketball Team, Cheer Team, Drama and even the Choir

Any student involved in these activities, show them some support this week by air-high-fiving them in the halls, waving at them when you both pass each other on your way to school, or just wishing them luck. Any effort helps them feel appreciated.

  1. Go to the events and fundraisers that we are allowed to go

Showing up to fundraisers, (even if your wallet is empty) is a good way to help show your school spirit. Any events that we can attend is a great way to slap covid-19 in the face this holiday season. 

Stay home from the ones that we can’t go to of course. Safety is always a first. But do show up to the activities we can go to. 

Hopefully we can have a return to normalcy as soon as possible.

Until then, stay safe!