Writing in the Style of the Raven

The following is an excerpt from the writing of Draden Hepworth, a sophomore at JHS who rightly deserves to be in the newspaper. Writing in a style made popular by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” We here at the Clarion Staff hope that you appreciate the following:

“Beauty is such a mortal thing, who deserves the halo ring.”

This I postulate implicitly in my amicable chair

“Everyone should all possess devil horns, never angels pinions.”

As my eyes into the darkness burns now I loudly declare an

Innumerable populace say my mind is beyond repair

How I deal with death? Prepare.

Beauty is such a mortal thing whispers of ugly hearts swelling

“No indeed.” Silently say I, “This life is not ever fair.”

Mortal deep solemness like a knife stabbing, TRANSPIERCING strife!

Peered into the dark afterlife, people’s ugly they are unaware

What if our inner ugly showed out? What if we looked like our nightmare

All I say in my arm chair.

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