How NHS is Helping the Children

For the Children!

On Thursday, February 28th, the National Honors Society went to Mona Elementary to read with the kids as they celebrated Dr. Suess’s birthday. The fun moment was spent with silly books and nostalgic rhymes. Between the giggling and smiling teachers, members of the NHS were happy to step in wherever they could and read to the kids or listen to them read. It ended with laughter and donuts given by the teachers there. Afterwards, a few students made their way to Nebo View to judge the students’ art projects.
The creative works of art and the exciting sculptures were judged and enjoyed by the group members. When the art show was completed, some group members on Friday also left early in the morning to judge the kids’ science fair projects. At Red Cliffs Elementary, each grade made projects and presented them to the NHS judges. From volcanoes to ooblecks, all types of projects were seen and enjoyed. The kids were asked how their projects would benefit us in the future—the kids did not disappoint. The National Honors Society, as we know, is dedicated to their community and helping surrounding schools and teachers. If this includes grading adorable presentations and reading with giggling kids, then know that the members of the NHS are proud to step forward and help wherever they can. Of course, the group is always welcoming new members to help their cause and become closer to their community. National Honors Society members are constantly asking where help is needed and where volunteering can be done. Trust that they will step forward and be there for their community and fellow students in any way they can. You can check out updates and upcoming events on the School Binder NHS group page. If you have any questions or would like to know more about what the group does, feel free to contact Mrs. Settle, as she helps and organizes the events and activities.