Prepared Students and Bent Desks

The Chair and Desk Fiasco

Our school, like any other in the U.S., practices many drills to prepare for possible situations. When the teachers are asked to prepare their class for the mock drill, trust that they will help us understand the exact necessities and reasons for each action. When Mr. Clark, a math teacher here at Juab, was asked to make sure his second-hour math class was barricaded, he made sure they were barricaded.                                  

The video has already spread across the school, with the students tossing desks and chairs in front of the door to keep the door from opening. This is an excellent example of what to do. If there is a possibility of a shooter trying to break into classroom after classroom, it’s important to know how to protect yourself. One of the ways is to make sure the shooter can’t get in the first place.                                                     

Keeping students safe and out of danger will make a huge difference. Mr. Clark practiced this exceptionally well. The possibility of an active shooter being within Juab High School’s walls is terrifying, which is why we must be prepared.              

One of the things that will help is making sure everyone in your classroom is safe and protected. Keep students in and the shooter out. The video is an example of students blocking off the door that has been scattered around Juab High School. You can hear the clashing and clanging of chairs and desks being thrown at the door. Students like Kamryn White and Magenta McDonald were attempting to hide from the chaos by huddling up against a wall as the sudden burst of energy fueled up every student in said class to toss chairs and desks. “It felt very chaotic and kind of exciting,” Magenta McDonald had to say about the experience.                                      

Although this was extremely humorous and fun, it’s still important to remember that if someone does come into the school with the sole purpose of causing harm, we should be prepared to keep the classrooms locked so the person with the gun can’t come in. Well done to Mr. Clark for setting a great example.