Energized or Crashed at Juab High School

Should we Caffeinate the School?

The idea of adding a caffeinated vending machine has been largely argued about throughout the school. Many people are against adding caffeinated beverages, However, when we think about how sports motivated our school is, leaving a bunch of exhausted teens not getting the healthy amount of sleep for their age—it might not be the worst idea. Caffeine has been proven to be very unhealthy. Although it keeps you awake, motivated, and focused (for the most part), the effects of it aren’t good for such young people. Other negative factors such as: students sloughing to get a drink, and students having a hard time focusing and staying alert during class. 

So why not add a simple option to keep these kids awake? It’s also important to think that kids today are drinking canisters of flavored caffeine that can cause them to act out, lose focus, and can even make their heart race so fast—they could be at risk of death. Coffee can have that same effect when taken in large amounts. So what is the happy medium? Either have kids leave school to go to the gas station to get a drink, or have easy access to caffeine. Many will argue we have a soda vending machine, why do we need more caffeine? 

When Marietta Flake, a junior at Juab high school was asked what her thoughts would be if a caffeinated vending machine was found in the school, her thoughts were, “The problem is you can’t really drink in class” and then went on to suggest, “Healthier alternatives, like water and lemonade.” Kennedy Talbott, a junior, also responded with a short answer by saying, “Only if it’s caffeine shots!” Continuing on the investigation, we asked Riley Bronson, a Sophomore at the school answered, “I don’t drink caffeine. I’m naturally chaotic.” And then continued with, “I run off two hours of sleep mostly just fine.” Maylee Bond, a junior said, “I feel like it would make a lot of money for the school and vending machine…Less people to leave for those things and less sluffing.” Colton Tanner, a sophomore answered by simply saying “Happy.” Rider Vincent, a freshman at the school, answered with his honest thoughts being, “Man this is so sick. They should totally do that…I would definitely blow all my cash on it.” 

Now we can’t take the word from only students, right? Of course students want an easy way to buy a Redbull or a Monster. That’s why we also asked Mrs Settle. An English teacher at the school who has had her fair share of crazy kids and long days. “I see students that overdose on caffeine and that is concerning…I know [people] in the past who abused high levels of caffeine.” She continued on saying how they should have access instead of missing class. “It becomes one of those things where you need to balance what they need and what they are willing to do for the lengths. “Better for access or better to remove it.” 

So far, many people who were interviewed thought it would be a good idea. Now that was only seven out of more than a hundred students at the school along with more than a dozen staff. The question still hangs, should Juab add a caffeinated vending machine?

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