Chess Club Launches into their First Meeting

Interested in demolishing your friends in a mental battle of plastic pieces? Luckily for you, there is now a club to explore the world of possibilities on those 64 squares. Alvin Yuan, the club founder, chose to create this club to, firstly, just to have fun, and secondly to create “a legacy.” He and his friends have been fascinated by chess for a good while and decided it was about time to expand that circle. 

Through the help of Mr. Morgan, the first ever Juab Chess Club was founded. They had their first meeting on November 7th right after school. The energy was high and the strategy was higher. It was great to see all of the students coming together to not only destroy each other but also aid each other. Oftentimes, others would be watching a tight game and offering advice to those playing. It wasn’t a hostile environment, but a fun learning experience. Everyone bonded over different openings and a few capri suns here and there. 

The first meeting was successful, and many stated they would be returning. Alvin, the president of the club, ended the meeting on a warm note about what club members can be looking forward to. He talked about learning different openings, strategies, and creating tournaments.  This club is a great opportunity for those on the shyer side to get out of their shell and learn something new. Everyone at the club is exceptionally friendly and welcoming. The Chess Club is looking for new members, and is excited for their next meeting; we look forward to seeing you there!