Juab’s U.S History Classes Tour the Holocaust Memorial at snow college.

    In the first week of October, the US history class of Juab had a field trip to the snow college and visited holocaust memorial museum. The A days and B days went on separate days from each other due to the amount of people allowed on the bus. The ride there was amazing. The classes played games on the ride along the way there such as I spy and playing group games on their phones to pass the time. The classes got to walk around and see the way America reacted to the war and how we fought back without actually starting a full on war. 

One example is winning the Olympics with African Americans representing America because Hitler had only white skin, blond hair and blue eyed people representing Germany. The classes had to visit the downstairs and see how they used the news to show how nasty Hitler was, and made fun of him with funny little drawings. One of the big artists was Dr.seuss. In the end the trip was amazing, everyone had a great time and the Snow College experience was amazing.