Cross Country Season Comes to an End.

Cross Country is finally over. The team had an awesome season, but it’s over and many of the members won’t ever run Cross Country again.

The Cross Country team did an amazing job at region. They qualified for state and did great there as well. With the end of the season coming near, it’s good to point out that getting this far wasn’t easy, this team had to get through many tough practices before getting so great! 

Summer practices consist of easy days, moderate days, speed days, and another easy day in a week. As practice goes on, the number of miles are bumped up. The beginning of the season starts off with an easy 2 miles, but more miles keep getting added as the weeks go. Summer practices prepare you to run a casual 5-6 miles when the Cross Country season starts.

Speed days in Cross Country mostly involve hills and sometimes flats. The hills involve the frontage road behind the high school and the cemetery. The flats involve 800 east going to Arby’s, the track, and roads around town. The speed days around town are our “race days”; this is a 3 mile course going up and through the golf course, down to the elementary school, then back over to Wasp Way and to the high school. These speed days are supposed to help with the meets in case there are hills and, of course, flats. 

This year, the boys team consisted of: Adam Bunker, Braiden Taylor, Colton Hall, Liam Bethers, Logan Crippen, Ryker Worwood, Sam Lantz, and Spencer Hall.

The girls team consisted of: Hailee Hall, Kenzee Slater, Laklyn Kenison, Liesal Kretchmer, Rebekah Jordan, and Tajia Davis. “This season, we had a really young team! It was cool to see so many new faces on the team,” states Hailee Hall, an 11th grader, “It was a fun season! It was cool to see so much improvement across the team.” 

Cross Country is a great way to get yourself moving, especially if you don’t have much going on. This season of Cross Country was a great one, and we can’t wait to see how this team improves in the future!