Speech and Debate Event Update

Speech and debate has an activity coming up. It will be November 3rd overnight and home event at 8am October 7th. They have different activities such as congress, politice, public form, Lincoln Douglas debate. Speech events include original oratory, exempted, improto, interp, and and informative. These are all the events coming up. The next debate will be in Moab at 7am November 3rd to November 4th with an overnight stay. We have exciting events coming up with our couch Mrs. Palmer has been voted couch of the year! Thank you everyone for supporting and participating! 

These upcoming events are fantastic opportunities to sharpen your speaking and debating skills. Whether it’s persuasive arguments, thinking on the spot, or delivering engaging speeches, you’ll be learning and growing. With Mrs. Palmer as your esteemed Coach of the Year, you’re in excellent hands for success in these exciting challenges. Best of luck