Wrestling’s 7th Consecutive State Title

State Wrestling 

Feb 15-16

State wrestling is well on its way with Juab warming up and getting ready to take state for the 7th consecutive time.  The wrestles are held in Richfield in the Sevier Valley Center.  On the first day we have the main preliminaries, basically just a huge wave of matches for each weight bracket to decide the finalists for the next day.

On the second day is where it gets heated. This is when all the final matches are held and where you can find some of the longest and endearing matches of the year. They do start a while later in the day so at the earlier times they finish with some of the extra matches.

We had 28 people qualify from state this year with a good range of different weights included:

106- Braxten Blackett, Drake Johnson

113- Hayden Adams, Cole Greenhalgh

120- Teegan Anderson, Rowdy Peterson

126- Porter Anderson, Briley Dudley

132- Cooper Blackett, Garrett Perry

138- Gabe Perry, Hayden Park

144- Dax Johnson, Ben Holthaus

150- Chase Ingram, Gavin Reynolds

157- Dakota Lynn, Preston Aagard

165- Taylor Newton, Breyer Wright

175- Connor White, Will Harmon

190- Logan Holdaway, Brock Messersmith

215- Aiden Seely, Porter Wolforth

285- Aisea Hosea, Ty Blackburn

By the end of the first day we had 17 wrestlers make it to the semifinals 

We also made a team score of 135.5 

Fr- Drake JohnsonJr- Hayden ParkSr- Taylor Newton
Fr- Braxten BlackettSr- Gabe PerrySr- Will Harmon
Jr- Rowdy PetersonSr- Dax JohnsonSr- Logan Holdaway
Jr- Porter AndersonJr- Ben HolthausSr- Aiden Seely
Jr- Cooper BlackettJr- Gavin ReynoldsJr- Ty Blackburn
So- Garrett PerrySr- Chase Ingram

Coming into the finals we had many people place and take state themselves

1st 2nd3rd4th5th6th
Sr- Chase IngramSr- Taylor NewtonJr- Ty BlackburnJr- Porter AndersonSr- Dakota LynnSr- Aiden Seely
Sr- Logan HoldawaySr- Gavin ReynoldsJr- Cooper BlackettSo- Garrett PerrySr- Gabe PerrySr- Breyer Wright
Sr- Will HarmonSr- Dax JohnsonJr- Ben HolthausFr- Drake JohnsonJr- Aisea Hosea
Jr- Hayden ParkJr- Preston Aagard
Jr- Rowdy PetersonFr- Braxten Blackett

This year Juab wrestling has taken state for the 7th consecutive year with a whopping 291.5 points overall.  That is about 95 points higher than the second place team being Morgan.

Team Scores

Juab- 291.5Morgan- 198S Summit- 181.5Delta- 138Union- 121.5
Emery- 110Richfield- 101.5Canyon View- 87.5Manti- 79N Sanpete- 66.5

Kyger Peay

Kyger Peay is one of the many juniors of Juab high school. This is his second year taking journalism, pushing to show off what JHS is all about. Kyger also takes part in track and is a part of the football team. In his free time he will either find him driving around with his friends having a good time, or hanging around at home.