Choir Sings the Night Away at All State

All-State Choir is when every school in Utah sends a small group of their best singers to go learn around 6 songs to sing in the Tabernacle. On Saturday, October 7th, a selected few from the choir went to All State where they performed some of their songs. 

One of our seniors here at Juab, Madison Carle, told me a little about how All State went for them, “It was a super fun experience and we got to learn from the BYU choir director Dr. Andrew Crane. It was a 3 week experience where we met with a smaller regional group to practice for the first two weeks, then all the schools met for two days together at a school before going to the Tabernacle to practice and then perform.” 

Madison loves performing with the choir and she said, “It is a life-changing experience and we’re all so grateful for the chance to participate and perform!” 

What an amazing opportunity for the choir students and have a great group of choir members who sing for us all the time. Make sure you support them and go to their choir concerts to listen to them sing!