Juab Girls Volleyball Team Trampled the Templars!

What you may have missed during Tuesday’s game

The Juab girls volleyball team had a home game on the 19th. The Manti Templar’s went against our Juab wasps in a close match. Although it was a loss with a score of 3 to 0, our girls still played with all their hearts and showed that they were there to fight and play hard. The first set was 25 from Manti to 18 from Juab. Second set was a close 25 to 21 and the third set was 25 to 9. 

When asked the question, “How did you feel about the game based on how the team felt about the last practice”, Melaina Bork, a sophomore player on the team, answered, “Good actually! We have some good players and chemistry. People hyping each other up and cheering for the little things helps.” Even with the loss on the 19th Tuesday game, the girls volleyball team still showed strength and trust towards each other. When asked the question, “What is something the coaches are proud of after the game”, Melaina Bork answered, “They are proud of our energy and how we come together for comebacks.” Even after the loss, the JHS girls volleyball team still showed enthusiasm for the game and helped cheer up each other and all of their amazing highlight moments. 

With so many more games to come, the JHS girls volleyball team has plenty of time to kick butt and come out on top. With the support from coaches and teammates, this season may have its rocky starts but it’ll only help them get better and better. Much was discussed about how supportive everyone was and how hard they were working to be better than they were yesterday. This focus is what makes Juab high school so unique. It’s the constant fight they put up to be better and to support each other. Good luck to the JHS volleyball team for their upcoming games!