Freshman and Sophomore Volleyball Team Owns the Net!

Away Game Highlights

Juab freshman and sophomores stole the show after going against Delta in another exciting volleyball away game on the 29th of August.  It was a moment that left the audience on the edge of their seats with a back to back game. “5 sets by 2 points against Delta,” Melaina Bork, AKA # 23 explained. Senior Ava Cuff had her star moment when she got 5-6 kills during the varsity game. Freshman Molly Blankanagle had her moment when she got a fabulous block against Delta’s star senior on the outside. 

With a brand new season ahead and all that the new school year holds, things are looking to go incredibly well for the girls volleyball team. Even with the loss by our JV and varsity, they still played hard and showed Delta that they have quite the fight still left in them. Coaches Carly Hooper, Thea Bailey, and Ally Gee explained that their hopes for this year’s season is to, “Rise up. Our theme this year: step up to the challenge.” The away game at Delta showed just that. They may have had a rocky start, but it’ll only ignite that fire more when they go against other teams. 

With the excitement from the coaches for this year’s season, it also brings much excitement from the players. MaCartney said, “This ain’t Arizona.” Kyrie and Reagan explained their excitement about the new season when they said, “The energy this year is so much better. We are not separated and are working together!” A new school year and new season brings so much excitement from Juab High School’s volleyball team. The energy they bring to the court and the inspiration they leave with is what makes Juab’s sports teams so good. Their hope for a better season or a better game than the last is what keeps their heads held high. Good luck to the girls volleyball team, and go support at home games!