Mt. Nebo FFA’s 22-23 Closing Banquet Ending Another Great Year

To many, FFA is just another random organization. To members, FFA is a chance to learn, to grow, to make friends, and to better themselves. The time came yet again for the conclusion of another FFA school year. This 2022-23 year the Mt.Nebo FFA Banquet was held on May 15th in the Junior Auditorium. It began with FFA’s traditional opening ceremony. The 22-23 president, Brylee Greenhalgh, called FFA members to stand for the FFA motto. Everyone was welcomed as members took their seats.

        The officers took turns announcing Contest recognition, Greenhand Degrees, and Chapter Degrees before taking a break to announce thank you’s. Then they moved on to announce Honorary Degrees, State degrees and State convention contests.

         Personal awards were given to the highest achieving students of the year. First the 22-23 Star freshman was JaLeigh Burton. The Star Sophomore was Jenna Garrett. The Star Junior was Karissa Taylor. The 22-23 Star Senior was Bodie Wright. The 22-23 Women of the year was Sadie Winn. Lastly the 22-23 Man of the year was Duncan Pay.

      Continuing along officers announced Chapter proficiency awards, Area proficiency awards, and Star and state winning proficiency awards. A new award was given to all of the 22-23 Seniors. Mr. Burton noted that this was the most seniors that had been in FFA through all of high school. Following that State contests were recognized.

       After all awards were done. The time had come to recognize the Mt.Nebo FFA officers of 2022-23: Brylee Greenhalgh, Karissa Taylor, Morgan Loveless, Duncan Pay, Kandance Green, KaBree Smith, Sadie Winn, and Jenna Garrett. Senior officers Duncan Pay and Brylee Greenhalgh gave their retiring addresses. When they were done, they retired their jackets, saying goodbye to FFA for the last time. 

       To remember the great year of FFA, the end of year video was played which was composed of pictures and funny videos. As the lights came back on, the time had come to install new officers for the 2023-24 school year. KaBree Smith as Treasurer. Jenna Garrett as Sentinel. Liv Topham as Secretary. Sadie Winn as Reporter. Karissa Taylor as vice president. Kandace Green as vice president. Staten Shepherd as vice president. Then Morgan Loveless as chapter president, With the new officers in place the Mt.Nebo FFA Closing banquet ended with the closing ceremony.