Juab mock car crash

     On May 2nd, 2023, the Juab County officials had pulled students aside for an assembly. It was a car accident mockup that took place immediately after the crash. Police were called, arrived, and called EMS after evaluating the scene. Once medical services arrived, it was revealed that two students were in critical condition and two were alive and well. The fire department had arrived and usss their tools to free a student trapped in the passenger seat, and were taken away by ambulance. Medical services had pulled the other, also out of the passenger seat, and evacuated them via helicopter.

     After that, there was an assembly. A car crash is a very real thing, regardless of how believable the mock-up was, and needed to be emphasized. The assembly included the Zero Fatalities group, who showed a video about the dangers of driving. Once they were done, the parents of a 17 year old Chaz Groat, who had passed away after a car accident due to speeding, had a speech about how driving recklessly not only risks your life but others as well.