Juab Students Make Wishes Come True

Make-A-Wish week is truly a great thing that helps so many kids around the world. Make-A-Wish isn’t just giving away money, it gives kids with health related challenges the chance to have a good experience. Participating in Make-A-Wish and helping give those kids an experience of a lifetime is truly a great thing; here at Juab High School we are doing just that. 

  Juab High School is hosting a two week Make-A-Wish event. There will be different events every day to bring in money to go to Make-A-Wish. Since the event is near valentines day, Juab is setting up a sales table at lunches; called cookies for your crush. Buy a cookie for your crush and the money goes to Make- A-Wish. We also had a big event called Mr. Juab. This is a fun out of school event where boys from Juab present their talents in a funny way. 

As time goes on here at Juab, we are always supporting things like Make-A-Wish and other charity events to give kids the chance to do something awesome. Our goal for the money that we raise here at Jaub is $3,000, we have already passed the goal in the first week and the total is unknown because it’s not over. We raised 1,500, and doterra matched that which means we have passed our 3,000 goal and it doesn’t end there. 

There are millions of kids throughout the nation wishing and hoping they will be able to do something or get something. Just in the past couple of months, there have been hundreds of kids whose wish has come true, and it’s all thanks to foundations like Make-A-Wish and supporters that help bring in money. Make- A-Wish is truly a great thing. It is awesome seeing kids who have a hard life be able to do something fun and happy and to see our Juab students be so happy to help. 

Austin Peay

Austin Peay is one of the many sleep deprived sophomores at Juab High School. Austin is a part of the JHS football team. He likes to travel and play sports more than anything, but he also likes to ride ATV’s and hunt/fish. In his free time, whenever he is not on the football field, you can find him with his friends or at home just chillin.