Last Chance Dance Concludes a Year of Formal School Dances

Sometimes students just want to dress up and go to a dance for a night. That’s why a new school dance was created this 2023 school year. The Last Chance dance was a dance for all grades, freshman through seniors, to have one more formal dance. So on the evening of April 22, different groups of students looking for some fun all headed down to the Juab Junior High gym.

      The gym was decorated beautifully with lights strung overhead and pastel balloons along the walls. The DJ played great songs. Small groups of students enjoyed dancing their hearts out, while most others stood around and talked to their friends. As the evening continued more and more people joined in the dancing. Nearly everyone hopped up to join the line dances when they started.

     After a night of fun that went an hour longer than planned, it was time to go home.