Juab’s New Club: The Dating Club

On March 27th Juab High School had their opening meeting for their new club, the Dating club. Why a dating club, you may ask. Well there are quite a lot of kids who just don’t know how to romantically interact with people. Dating club’s purpose is to educate students on how to properly flirt with and date people of interest. 

    The first meeting was in the choir room. The new advisor, forefather of flirting (with his wife), Mr. Montoya welcomed everyone to the club introducing what dating club is all about. After everyone brainstormed future activities, leadership positions were discussed and nominees were selected. Google forms were sent out for voting. It was decided that the dating club will be held once a month. 

     Dating club’s first successful meeting finished with jokes and laughs. Dating club is open to everyone and is highly recommended to *cough cough awkward students *cough cough freshmen. If you are interested you can get a permission slip in the office.