New Parking Coming to Juab High School, Finally

*Photo Credit: jhs can’t park instagram page (make sure to check out their page)

Remember all the times in the middle of class when an announcement has been made about students’ bad parking jobs: “Sorry for the interruption, if any of you are parked on a crosswalk or anywhere that isn’t a parking space please go move your car. Officer Bell will be issuing tickets. Thank you.” After that message everyone in your class who owns a car gets up and leaves making it so you can’t do anything until they get back. 

After half the school received parking tickets, the school has been contemplating the best way to fix this issue. There is only one answer, and it’s simple: more parking. Unfortunately the school is beginning to outgrow its lot and there is not much room for more parking. However, the school board got creative about where the new lot is going to be. 

It has been decided that parking will now be available on the roof of the high school. They are still working out the logistics but the new parking spaces can be expected by the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. They will get started on April 1st, 2023. 

Everyone is looking forward to finally having more parking spaces, thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!