Second Winter Disrupts Spring Sports 

Spring, the season of so many different sports. But the weather has a big effect on spring sports. At the moment, juab county and other places have had many difficult weather events that cancel spring sports. It is snowing at the end of March which should not usually happen. So because of that, weather affects spring sports in many different ways. 

   Throughout the year, schools all over Utah plan schedules and set up events for spring sports. Usually spring sports are held outside because it should be warm, but that’s not really the case now. It is snowing in the springtime, and not just small snow flutters. Snow storms bigger than we’ve had all winter long. This makes a big impact on spring sports and how it cancels everything. Snow on the ground, cold weather, may as well be the second winter. 

   Baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, track and field. All of those sports are highly affected by the weather and the snow. All because they are held outside, the ground is soggy and wet, the tennis courts are slippery, and baseball is muddy. When you get more snow than you have all year long when you least expect it, it makes a huge impact. So much for spring time!!!

   As with sports and how they cope with weather, there are so many ways we can get past that. Tennis and baseball are doing something they don’t usually do. Tennis is rescheduling matches and tennis meets at a rapid pace, and baseball is meeting to play other teams in a totally different town. As here in juab, we have the hive, (an indoor sports complex). That allows all types of sports to still hold practices such as track and field. You can set up hurdles on the track, run, and believe it or not. You can still practice throwing. 

   So as the weather takes its course and makes spring sports have to reschedule, there are many ways we can still practice and many different ways we can deal with this. We work with what we can and we practice outside when we can and reschedule events rapidly. The weather may hold us back for a couple of days, but that doesn’t stop juab in general. 

Baseball field covered in snow not able to play on 

Austin Peay

Austin Peay is one of the many sleep deprived sophomores at Juab High School. Austin is a part of the JHS football team. He likes to travel and play sports more than anything, but he also likes to ride ATV’s and hunt/fish. In his free time, whenever he is not on the football field, you can find him with his friends or at home just chillin.