Juab Pit Behaves Unacceptably at Game Lost to Manti High

Juab’s basketball game against Manti High School on February 10th was more than just a game. It was senior night, a time to acknowledge all of the boys basketball seniors from both Juab and Manti. Most seniors do not go on to play competitively again. This is their last season. 

    This homecoming game started off by recognizing the skilled senior’s of the Manti High team. But as they were being announced a few boos could be heard from the Juab High student pit. It only got worse as the night progressed. During the introduction of the Manti starts Juab’s pit continued their blatant disrespect by booing even louder. At one point the announcer even told them to stop.

     Manti started the game by winning the tip off. Juab came scored the first two shots. With only four points on the leaderboard, Juab’ s pit began to yell their I-believe-we-will-win chant. At the end of first period everyone thought it would end in a 10 to 10 tie but Manti hit a three pointer, effectively taking the lead.

     Second period continued the game, tension very clear. All the stands were packed with people, screaming and chanting. Every mistake could cost a point. The period ended with Manti in a two point lead.

     Juab’s Drill and cheer team gave halftime performances. The Juab SBO took the time to collect donations for Make-A-Wish. Jumping back into the game, Juab took back the lead. The Wasp’s ended the period three five points ahead of Manti.

    During the fourth period the teams tied back up at 41 to 41. A needed time out was called. Juab’s theme that night was “Trick the Templars”. The dress up: clowns. As the cheerleaders made themselves into makeshift basketball hoops, some students shot with their clown wigs instead of the provided pom poms. 

    The game resumed and Manti kicked it up a notch. The pit was still booing at the referee’s calls and the Manti player. The Manti players stayed relentlessly and Juab High lost by seven points.