How to get out of boredom

Find yourself bored? Tired of doing what you once loved? Do you not enjoy the things you used to? Look no further, for I have answers for those predicaments. 

As you may know, Juab County is a pretty small place, with the towns of Nephi, Levan, and Mona being even smaller. While some people may see this as a nice thing, others wouldn’t, since it means there are just so many things to do. Once you’ve done these things, there’s not more to do besides that, which will lead someone into sticking with one thing. Once again, there is just so much time you can do this thing before it gets incredibly boring. I’ve found myself in this exact situation before, with nothing to do because I don’t find anything fun. But through my situation, I found ways to get back into the groove of things, which I will share.

It starts with dropping that thing entirely for however long you want, but generally the longer you don’t do it, the better it’ll be. During this state of not doing that thing, go do whatever you want. Start taking walks, watch tv day and night, listen to music, anything. Once you go back to that thing, you’ll find yourself worse at it than before, yes, but I believe it’s worth it, since you’re back to enjoying that activity.

The second way, find new ways of doing that thing. Dedicate yourself and what you know to learning something new. If you like to dirt bike, you might be interested in learning how to write. If you like writing, you might want to learn video games. If you like video games, try gardening. These are all assuming you haven’t done those things, for the record, it all depends on you and what you know how to do. Do something you’ve never done, it will be slow and boring at first but over time you will see it’s joys and how fun it can be.

These are two pretty good ways of overcoming boredom and enjoying what you used to find boring, and they work even better when you combine the two. I don’t think you should take my word specifically as gospel, because everyone is a different person in different situations, but if you must, you don’t have any reason to keep this to yourself. Share it! Even if it helps one person it’s worth sharing!