Juab Defeated After a Tough Battle Against Morgan

On Friday the 11th of November, Juab’s football team played in the 3A state game against Morgan in St. George. Both teams went undefeated all season and met each other to battle it out for the top place. After a difficult fight, Juab unfortunately lost to Morgan 3-55.

Juab did sustain a few injuries. Numbers #25, Wesley Nielsen, and #63, Talaiasi Hosea, were two players who got pretty roughed up. Talaiasi dislocated his elbow and Welsey sustained a concussion and whiplash. Thankfully, it was just that and not anything very serious.

Though we did not win, we played our best. Juab has had an amazing season and getting second place is an achievement in and of itself. The boys have practiced and trained so hard and got to the top and made Juab HIgh School proud.