Thanksgiving Traditions

What do you do for Thanksgiving?

On Thanksgiving, everyone celebrates in different ways. Filled with friends, family, and fun the holidays are the best part of the year, but what’s the best part about the holiday itself? Going around Juab, we got the most amazing answers from our students. 

Hannah Echols (11) “I’m kind of boring, I just hang out with our extended family and play frisbee golf and watch Charlie Brown.”

Kylie Black (10) “I go to California and eat a TON of food!” 

Ellie Glassford (11) “I help make food and chill with my cousins!”

Henry Everett (11) “We have an insanely large dinner using a bunch of old (but good) family recipes as tradition. And it’s also like the only time we can get our whole family together for a really cool and fun night together!” 

Madi Carle (11) “We go on hayrides, hang out with family, and cook really good food!”

Leah Thorn (11) “Eat, Say what we’re thankful for, family, naps, and Peanuts thanksgiving movies.”

Pressley Hair (11) “I help my mom and sisters with baking, we also start turning on christmas music and around that time we go Christmas tree hunting (usually over thanksgiving break). We always have rolls, turkey, stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, sparkling cider, multiple different pies and a veggie like green beans or corn with just my immediate family. We usually have to start preparing a day or two before.”

From mostly watching Charlie Brown, to eating your favorite foods, we all have different traditions. What’s your favorite?