Water Sources in Juab High

Would you rather drink milk or water with your lunch? As everyone knows at lunch you have the choice to have milk with your lunch. Now sometimes milk can be good but on the other hand, there’s a possibility that the milk you’re about to drink is expired.

Now you’re wondering, “well we have built in water dispensers.” That’s right, but not everyone has a water bottle or anything to put their water in. So what if we just got disposable water cups to keep by the water dispensers. 

With disposable cups there are pros and cons. The pros are: you can have water at any given time and have a little cup. The cons: trash around the school from not throwing away your cups and kids using their cups to get water and dumping them all over their friends. 

On the flip side, water fountains around the school that you don’t need a cup for, ever since the pandemic and other sicknesses going around school not very many people want to drink out of the water fountains. 

The last option I want to talk about is little water bottles. Instead of getting our regular milk shipment  we could cut the number in half and look into buying little water bottles instead. This could then help with trash concerns because we would throw the plastic away with regular garbage. 

With these ideas we could find some way to have water always offered at lunch. Then the school constantly has a source of water for everyone.