Senior Trip for the Class of 2023

For the first time since 2019, Juab High School is providing the senior class of 2023 a senior trip. The trip will last for 3 days and students will leave the night of graduation. The students will be going to California for a much needed vacation after successfully completing 12 years of schooling. Though costly, this exuberant trip will be well worth the $1,000.

One the first day, students will arrive at Newport Beach and spend half of the day at the beach. They will then leave to go to Fairfield Inn and spend the rest of the day in the Magic Kingdom until curfew at 1 am.

On day two, they will depart the hotel at 7:30 am for Universal Studios and be there until 5:30pm. At this point, they will leave the park and head to Dodger’s Stadium for the baseball game they will attend. Once the game is over they will head back to the hotel for curfew at 12:00am.

The final day, former students will check out of the hotel and load the buses for their final day at Disneyland. At 8pm, the 2023 seniors will leave Barstow and arrive at the high school about approximately 7am on Sunday, May 26; ending their final hurrah before their future plans.