Halloween Survey

Halloween; you know it, you love it. One of the few days you can come to school dressed up and have an excuse for why you’re in the same outfit as your favorite video game character. Not to forget the trick or treating, cannot forget about walking around as that character and getting candy for just knocking on peoples doors. Truly an amazing holiday, can’t lie. As of October 7th, we asked four students just like you on what they thought about Halloween; here’s what they said

Q: How do you feel about Halloween?

Rhyon Roper, 10th: “It’s cool I guess, I like to kick little kids”

Wesslee Berger, 10th: “It’s very packed, very crowded”

Dakoda Roy Powell, 10th: “Uh dude, second favorite holiday, Thanksgivings my first”

Marcus Gustin, 10th: “It’s good, bussin [sic], I like it”

Q: What are you gonna dress up as?

Rhyon: “Probably myself, that’s gonna be pretty cool”

Wesslee: “Myself”

Dakoda: “Badger Breaking Bad”

Marcus: “Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad”

Q: How old is too old to trick or treat?

Rhyon: “That depends, if you’re in a group you can be from 16 – 18 but if you’re just some 16 year old that’s too much, a little creepy even”

Wesslee: “12, 11, I just did 12”

Dakoda: “87, actually no 38”

Marcus: “I think, definitely, 18”

Q: Are you going to trick or treat or just dress up?

Rhyon: “Just trick or treating but just with the homies”

Wesslee: “Just dress up, might go to a couple houses to fill up my stomach”

Dakoda: “Gonna do both”

Marcus: “Probably trick or treat, might just not though”

The point seems clear. Trick or treating is creepy unless you’re with a group of friends, Halloween is well liked, and the people adore Breaking Bad. However, a part of me, while writing this, is saying the survey’s incomplete. Fortunately, we have a Google form lined up for this! Click or copy and paste the link into safari to view it, and have both a happy fall break and a good Halloween.