We all FALL down 

    Mmmmm, can you smell that? Pumpkin cookies, hot chocolate, Spices. And oh the leaves are blooming with color! September 22nd. Fall. Everyone’s favorite season. A festive time of the year where we can eat half our body weight in sweets and then on to turkey. Where we can enjoy spooky places with friends and those we care about, and scream to scary movies. A season of change and beauty, sweater weather and carnivals. What’s not to absolutely adore? 

      The truth of it is, sometimes we get the shivers, we feel the shakes and we just fall down. We don’t know how to roll with the changes, enjoy the scenery, and laugh when we get a little spooked. What do we do, with this phenomenon of the fall blues, sorrow of the heart? We simply enjoy the season for its intended purpose, to enjoy life’s beauty and express change and truly warm your way into others hearts. We use fall to prepare for the most giving time of the year, Christmas. Really make it count.

      Whether or not you bake a batch of fresh gooey chocolate chip cookies and give them to a teacher or peers, or ask that cute girl in your math class to go to a haunted house, find a way to share this season with someone else. After all this season wasn’t meant for you to be alone. Spice up your fashion, take a few photos of nature. Carve pumpkins and dress up, create remarkable costumes and thank those you care for over some freshly baked turkey. There are truly endless possibilities of what to do to prevent a “Fall down” but it’s up to you for those possibilities to become your realities. 

     We all fall down sometimes, but the best way to get back up is to be kind, to share with others, to experience life’s full beauty and embrace every little change. Let fall be a season of gratitude, of laughter and screams, sharing with others and a season to turn over a new leaf and experience inner change. Make This Fall count. Make this fall one to remember . Lastly, make this fall beautiful.