Hammer the Hawks- a Friday night victory

September the 23rd, a victory led Friday night for Juab wasps. The varsity football team took the field to play our rivals the north sanpete hawks. After not much of a fight given, our wasps destroyed those hawks. With a win of 52 to 28 our football team held their heads high and came home proud. 

     The student body of Juab high school as well as coaches and faculty are proud of our boys and their outstanding performances this year. As we saddle up for this years homecoming game, we all have our trust placed in the talent of those on the field. Another fight, another triumph, and another chant of “warm up the bus”. As this season comes to an end, we know the football legacy won’t. 

      We hope next season we can equally triumph in another win against our rivals, and that for the next few years to come we can give a kind welcome and a warm ride home for those who dare to challenge and mess with the wasps.