The End is Closer Than it Seems…

The end of high school anyway. Here’s some details on what the plan is for graduation and why.

Indoor ceremony- 

This year we have decided to have an indoor ceremony despite some peoples opinions. Although an outdoor graduation seems like it’ll be so glamorous, last year we learned. If it’s outside we have the possibility of bad weather, if it is windy again there will be a lot of feedback in the microphone and you won’t even be able to hear the graduates giving their speeches, the sun will be in the eyes of the graduates the entire time, there’s more seating in the gym than at the football field, and the programs will fly everywhere. I personally wanted an outdoor graduation as well, but after I was in the meeting it made a lot more sense to have it indoors. 

No decorating graduation caps-

Even though this year (unlike past years) we are able to keep our graduation caps, we are still continuing to enforce the rule of not decorating them. This has made many of the graduates pretty upset, but if you listen to their reasoning it makes more sense. We have decided to continue with no decorating of the cap because we would like to keep a formal feeling for graduation, and they were afraid if we let people decorate them it would ruin the formal environment. Another reason is we were worried about someone putting something inappropriate on their cap, so if we just have a strict rule of not decorating them we don’t have to police that.

No candy lei’s-

I personally know a bunch of parents that were upset about this one. We still allow flower lei’s or money lei’s, but candy lei’s just cause too many problems. It’s not even worth it at this point. People tend to leave the whole lei or wrappers everywhere so it leaves the janitors to clean up their mess, but also the candy in the lei can melt very easily and get on the gown. We have to return the gowns; so if we get something on them we have to pay for the whole gown since we ruined it. If we get rid of the candy lei’s it will avoid a lot of people having to pay for their gown.

Parade to the elementary schools-

After talking to some friends from other schools such as North Sanpete and Delta I am pretty sure we are the only school that has this tradition. I love this tradition and hope it never ends. On the morning of graduation all of the graduates load up on the bus and go to the elementary schools. The graduates get to walk through all the halls where they went to school when they were younger. Even if you didn’t go to elementary school here it is still a very special moment. You get to see all the younger kids looking up to you when they have no clue how hard it’s going to be or how fast the time goes.