Gas Prices Too High? It’s an Easy Fix.

Water. Food. Shelter. Gas. Long ago, the seven continents kinda lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed (again) when the Russians attacked. Only the gas, master of getting us places, could help us, but when the world needed it most, we feared it. A couple of nights passed and my friend and I discovered a new way to live; getting rid of cars. And although getting rid of cars will be rough, gas prices will continue to rise. But I believe we can save hundreds. 

Now I know it sounds difficult—maybe even impossible—to completely stop using cars. However, I have come up with 7 different reasons why we should. 

  1. Gas Prices. The main reason why I wrote this. The prices have risen to ridiculous heights and a lot of people are struggling to pay. Within a month you’re basically paying half the price of your car. Recently, every single night the prices get higher, and it’s only going to get worse. There are other ways to get around, and if you don’t drive for a while you can get a horse with what you save.
  1. Horses. Yeah, you read that correctly. Living in rural Utah makes it relatively easy to get access to a horse. All you need is some grass—not gas—and water to make sure it’s happy and healthy. The horse can even take you places that a car can’t. It’s literally an all terrain vehicle. However, a horse isn’t just a mode of transportation; it can also be a best friend. 
  1. Environment. Not many people care about it. However, more people should. The Earth is our home and we should take care of it. So, for the few people who do care about the environment, know that the Earth will benefit from no cars. Remember 2020 during the first Covid 19 lockdown? With everyone inside there was more wildlife roaming around, the skies were clear and not many people spent money on gas… It was beautiful.
  1. Exercise. During Covid 19 a few people didn’t take care of their body. Not having cars means getting the body of your dreams. Walking around or running if you’re late is good cardio. You can lose that built up flab and get a more toned body. However, if you can’t bear to lose your car, I would suggest Flintstones style.
  1. Flintstones. If you’ve watched The Flintstones then you’ve probably thought at least once that it would be fun to drive the cars like they do. All you need to do is hold the wheel and run. You also get all of the fun of a car for half the price, what more could you want? Also, for those who skip leg day, this is definitely for you. If you go Flintstones style then you’ll get it every single day. However, doing leg day all the time isn’t the safest thing to do.
  1. Safety. A few people have old crappy cars that we know and love. However, they’re not the safest thing in the world. Cars like that have some very important parts weakened or broken that can put you at risk. People also like pushing the limits of a vehicle. Jumping them or driving fast on bumpy roads is very dangerous. It’s not safe and there have already been losses due to this fact. Whether you’re being reckless or just plain stupid, you’re always putting someone at risk.You can get away with a lot with cars, and as long as they exist, accidents will happen.
  1. Harder to do crime. A vast majority of crimes are able to happen because of cars. What do you think of when someone says kidnapping? A white van. Cars bring so much crime into the world; such as DUI’s, hit-and-run accidents, reckless driving, and much more. Not only do cars create crimes; they are a sure-fire way to get away from other illegal activities. Can’t have a high speed car chase with no cars now can you? 

 Seven easy solutions to our biggest problem yet. With how ridiculous gas prices are getting I doubt you’ll miss your car that much. You can save so much money this way. Not to mention I can actually park my horse in the high school parking lot, because no cars means more parking space.