FFA Week Rolling Into Juab High School

Juab’s Mt. Nebo FFA chapter will be holding FFA week on February 22 – 25. There will be dress up days and activities. Juab High School students will be competing for our FFA chapter at a judging contest. Here is the schedule for this year’s FFA week…

Tuesday: The dress up for February 22 will be: Dress up as your future self. Remember to get creative with it. What will you look like in the future? What will you be doing?

  • There will be a social activity @7pm

Wednesday: The student dress up on February 23 is: Dress up like farmers. 

  • There will be a service project @ 3-4pm

Thursday: Our FFA chapter will be competing in the Northern Utah Judging Contest. All of our competing teams have been practicing for their contest. Juab has teams competing in multiple competition categories such as livestock and floriculture. Please, wish all of the teams good luck.

Friday: The dress up for February 25 is: red, white, and blue. Friday is the last day of FFA week so remember to dress up.

  • There will be a teacher breakfast