Marvel’s Great Crime/Action Series

Hawkeye is a crime/ superhero series with six episodes, and each one taking place the week of Christmas. Hawkeye takes place quite some time after Avengers Endgame, after No Way Home, and according to, takes place in December of 2024. In the series we get introduced to Kate Bishop, who wants to become a hero after she sees Hawkeye fighting on the roof with a bow and arrow, during the alien invasion of New York in 2012. Hawkeye is in New York with his family just trying to have a break from everything, until a situation arises involving Ronin. 

          Kate and Clint run into each other in an alleyway and get involved with a Tracksuit Mafia, who want Ronin dead. With this Tracksuit Mafia, we get introduced to two characters from the comics: Kingpin and Echo. Echo is deaf and uses sign language to communicate with everyone, and has a past with the Ronin. Kingpin is the head bad guy and is strong enough to survive an arrow put into his chest, getting hit by a car, and Hawkeye’s trick arrows. After the events of Endgame and Black Widow, Clint and Kate run into Yelena (Natasha’s sister) in New York.