Eyes Wide Open

Interested in being in a play? Want to have an opportunity to be in something that will take Juab to State for competition?
There is a new play called Eyes Wide Open; it will be competition this year and there are 7 roles, auditions will be Tuesday, January 11th, from 3-5pm. There will be a signup sheet outside of Mrs. Dennis’s room.

“Eyes Wide Open is a touching and informative play about Kristin, a 16 year-old girl who suffers from anorexia and bulimia. Written by a woman who has experienced eating disorders first hand, the story begins after Kristin faints in her dance class. Kristin finds herself in a hospital room where she is met by the spirit of her grandmother, Birdy.
Birdy, who is seen only by Kristin, gently guides her granddaughter through moments of her life. As they revisit the dance studio, Kristin relives both joyful and unhappy experiences with her best friend, Amber. Michael, the boy who Kristin has a crush on, helps her to learn the dance steps. We meet Julia, an obnoxious student who loves to show her “creative” dances and give others fashion advice. Kristin helps Daniel, Michael’s younger brother to stop his bad (and dangerous) habit of closing his eyes when he dances. Laura is the dance teacher who tries unsuccessfully to talk to Kristin about her eating disorder. Ultimately, these experiences and Birdy’s guidance help Kristin to examine her life and make her final decision whether to live or die.”

There is a limited time to get signed up, so swing by and make sure you have a monologue and your best acting ready! This play will be fun, come join!