The Wrestling Team’s Early Morning Grind

Most people know about the wrestling team’s grueling practices after school. Only some know what they do in the mornings though. Most mornings the wrestling team has open mat where wrestlers are given the opportunity to come and get better. When we have open mat we work on things or repeat things to keep it fresh in our minds and get as close to perfection as possible.
On Tuesdays, and sometimes Thursdays, we run a pyramid on the indoor track. When we run a pyramid, we will start with ten warmup laps, then we run four ones, two twos, one four, two more twos, four more ones, and finish off with five and sometimes even ten cooldown laps. The real cherry on top after we run is a plate workout with 20 workouts that takes about 25 minutes to complete.
After asking a few of my fellow wrestlers how they feel about the runs, they have all said that just looking at the track gives them PTSD. Especially Levi Dansie, a freshman, who experienced his first fall the other day after I accidentally tripped him. He always gives me a hard time about it and I make jokes as we race against each other coming around that turn.
As you can see, the wrestling team has many hardships, but luckily only has to deal with it for one more week until state! So whenever you see the wrestlers in the hall, at lunch, or in class wish them luck!