Juab Drama Competes In The 3A State Drama Competition

It has been an eventful week for the Juab High’s Drama Department. The week started with the re-opening of the spring one act,  “Crazy for You”. The performances were on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was an emotional performance for the cast and crew. It was the final show for the seniors and Mr. Swensen. The cast and crew are very sad to see Mr. Swensen go. He has been a wonderful teacher and director for so many students.

The cast of “Crazy For You” after one of their amazing performances.

The rest of the week was spent preparing for State Drama. The students worked diligently to get their pieces perfected. It had been nearly 4 weeks since region drama and the students were ready to come back stronger than ever.

Pressley Hair(9) and Leah Thorn(9) workshop their classical scene with one of the drama department’s past students.

Musical Theater rounds were held on Friday afternoon at ALA. Juab was able to bring 3 musical theater acts to State. Rebekah Thorn(10) performed a piece entitled “ Lost in the Brass” from Band Geeks. She placed 2nd overall at Region and 3rd overall at State.

This blurry picture doesn’t do enough justice for the amazing performance that Rebekah Thorn(10) never fails to give. This is a picture from medals round at Region Drama.

  Leah Keyte(12), Hayden Williams(11), Jacob Hanks(10), also took a piece to region and state. Their musical number was called “ Right Hand Man”, from Something Rotten. They received straight superiors for their piece. Leah Keyte(12) said, “It was super fun being able to work with Hayden and Jacob for this number, they made it so much fun.” 

Leah Keyte(12), Hayden Williams(11), and Jacob Hanks(10) performing their musical theater piece, “Right Hand Man” from Something Rotten.

Kaitlyn Allred(12) and Rylee Crum(12) performed a piece from Little Women, “Somethings are Meant to be”. If you aren’t familiar with Little Women The Musical, this song is about Jo and Beth March. Beth is explaining to Jo that she is going to die and thet Jo needs to know how to move forward. It is a very emotional piece. The girls got nearly perfect scores at Region. They medaled and won 1st overall at State. Congrats to all of our musical theater entries! 

Rylee Crum(12) and Kaitlyn Allred(12) performing their musical theater piece during the medals round at state.

On Saturday morning, Juab began their other individual events. The students competed in three rounds, there was one judge in each room for each round. The judge scored them and ranked them based on the other pieces in the round. The top pieces after the 3 rounds will move on to the medals round.  Juab had four pieces qualify for the medals round, which included the two musical theater pieces. Rebekah Thorn(10) and Kaitlyn Allred(12) competed with a classical scene entitled “All’s Well That Ends Well”. They were the top 6 of that state in classical scenes. 

Kaitlyn Allred(12) and Rebekah Thorn(10) performing their classical scene during their regular rounds.

The other piece that made it to medals was a contemporary scene performed by Chandler Ludlow(10) and Karter Peters(10). The boys medaled at both region and state. The piece was a favorite for lots of judges. “ I love to see how we grow through the course of each of the rounds and it is always fun to see all the other acts.” Kater Peters(10) said. 

Chandler Ludllow(10) and Karter Peters(10) with one of their directors after finding out they qualified for the medals round for state.

Overall, the Juab Drama Department had 12/13 of their pieces received straight superior ratings. Juab will be celebrating their student’s state accomplishments on May 14th at their annual drama banquet. Congratulations Juab Drama! 

Here is a summary of the students that medaled and received straight superiors:


Koby Jacobson- straight superiors

Humorous Monologue:

Hayden Williams- Top 10 with straight superiors

Leah Keyte- Top 10 with straight superiors

Dramatic Monologue:

Rylee Crum- straight superiors 

AJ Twitchell- straight superiors

Jaylee Christensen- straight superiors

Contemporary Scene:

Chandler Ludlow and Karter Peters- Top 6 with straight superiors 

Classical Scene:

Presseley Hair and Leah Thorn- straight superiors 

Kaitlyn Allred and Rebekah Thorn- Top 6 with straight superiors 

Musical Theater-

Leah Keyte, Hayden Williams, and Jacob Hanks- straight superiors 

Rebekah Thorn- 3rd place overall with straight superiors

Rylee Crum and Kaitlyn Allred- 1st place overall with straight superiors