Homecoming Wrap-up

Monday-  “Juab Roads Take Me Home” (Western dress-up)

Howdy y’all! Western day did not disappoint anyone. Everyone was wearing flannels and boots, some went all out, some just went with a classic flannel and called it good. Either way, it was the best way to start out our homecoming week. We started the first night of homecoming with an intense powder-puff game that resulted in a huge collision between Alivia England (11) and Maison Heap (12). The night ultimately resulted in a victory for the Juniors.

Tuesday- “Home Away From Home” (Tourist dress-up)

Juab High turned into a small island paradise filled with Hawaiian shirts, khakis, and tacky sunglasses even though it was pretty cold outside. During lunch students dueled while hula hooping and I think everyone ended up winning because we all got otter pops. Tuesday night was the night of the pep rally. It started with a performance by Brovita, and after that, we crowned the 2021 Homecoming Court. Then Provita danced on the field, followed by a performance by Cheer and Stunt. Before the seniors lit the “J” we played the infamous soccer game that lasted a solid 60 seconds before we popped the ball.

Wednesday- “Land of the Free Home of the Wasps” (American dress-up)

The halls were filled with American pride as everyone was decked out in red white and blue. Showing their pride for both our country and our school. Wednesday night was Volleyball gamer with our Lady wasps vs the Emery Spartans (White-out dress-up). I personally don’t think I’ve ever seen so many students come out and support at the volleyball game. Sadly we didn’t end up winning, but the powdered doughnuts after made everything okay.

Thursday- “Homies” (twin dress-up)

Thursday started off really early for the seniors for senior sunrise where we watched Phineas and Ferb on the football field. Not many wanted to look the same as someone else, but the twins went all out. Right after school, our girls soccer team played against delta. Both teams fought hard but our team fought harder and it ended with a victory for the Wasps. That night Freshman football won! However, despite our JV team’s best efforts, we fell just a bit short but we’ll get it next time. After the votes of the fourth and final poll on our Instagram the results were in. The Seniors were victorious after winning three of the four polls. 

Friday- ‘There’s No Place Like Home”(Juab dress-up)

        Walking the halls of our very own Juab was so welcoming with everyone decked out in all their Juab gear. Friday midday the senior class hiked up to the “J” hill to continue the tradition of whitewashing the J. With Nebo on the left and the Red Cliffs on the right, our football team played the Delta Rabbits for our Homecoming game. The entire game was very back and forth which had everyone on their toes. Most were worried that we weren’t going to win. Even though the first half was really close we ended up winning 45-27.

Saturday- The Dance (Semi-Formal dress)

         All the guys started picking up their dates, and then the day began. Almost half of the school decided to go to Provo Beach for their day date; others chose a more unique route. A few groups decided to go to the Sand Dunes, and some went to the Onion days Carnival. The Homecoming dance was definitely a party for sure. This year we got a different DJ than usual and there were some mixed feelings. Some people loved it and some people wanted to start a mosh pit during “turn down for what”. 

Our 2021 Homecoming court is third court Addison Olsen, and Gunner Neilson 

Second court Rylee Ludlow, and Tate Halverson 

First court Grace Holman, and Joseph Peterson

And our king and queen are Cole Burtenshaw and Bailey Kay.